Is Divorce Harder for Women than Men?

Is Dating After Divorce

Whether you are a man or a woman, it is very difficult to start dating after divorce at 40. The thing is that you spent a huge part of your life with one partner, and you have to recover from a broken heart.

And since you have lived with the same person for years, you inevitably have a ton of wonderful memories together, so it is very hard to accept that this person will not be part of your life anymore. Moreover, you may have developed a series of habits with your partner, and now that you are alone, your day to day life will be completely different. In addition to that, if you have been married to someone for years, you built your life around this person, so it seems like all your life plans are suddenly ruined! For all these reasons, going through a divorce comes with a great deal of pain. And since men have been taught how to swallow their pain from the day they were born, it is easier for them to accept the pain and move on simply. Women generally have more difficulties because they don’t want to accept the pain, they are fighting against it, and they don’t want to let go.

They Know How to Deal with Rejection

If you try to start dating in your 40s after a divorce, since you have spent many years with your partner, it can be difficult to meet new persons. Indeed, you have to approach strangers, play a game of seduction, be attractive, etc. And if you haven’t done any of that for years, it can be scary. But why are we so afraid of trying to meet new people? Simply because we are afraid of being rejected!

And actually, this fear is felt by everyone: if you are dating after divorce in your 30s, you will have to face the same problem! But since men are usually the ones who have to take initiatives when it comes to seducing, they learned how to deal with rejection! Indeed, if he is not able to make the first step and approach women, a man will never meet anyone. Consequently, every man had to learn how to go up to any woman they like and start chatting with them. Of course, it can not work all the time, so most men had to face rejection many times in their life when it comes to seduction. They learned how to accept rejection, how to deal with it, and they don’t take it personally when they are rejected.

They Never Give Up: Perseverance Is the Key

How is life after divorce for men? Is it easier for them to find a new partner? It is not easy at all to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Indeed, you have to find someone you feel attracted to, someone you trust, someone you have common values with, etc. And this quest is very difficult! However, men have an advantage over women: they have more perseverance. It does not mean that women are not determined enough, but men usually have simply more resilience. Of course, divorce for men is hard to handle. But it is just another failure that we have to deal with! And when it comes to dating, men probably had to face many more failures than women. This is why they can move on more quickly and start building their next failure!

They Don’t Let Disappointment Kill their Optimism

 Deal with Rejection

There are many reasons why a woman’s disappointment can be bigger and more important after the divorce.

  • They believed in the fairy tale with the prince charming: they heard this story since the day they were born.
  • They tend to take failure more personally; they think it is their fault.
  • They could never imagine their life without their partner
  • Other people’s judgment more impacts them

Consequently, many women have such a huge disappointment after the divorce that they don’t even feel the energy or the envy to look for another person. And they will have a feeling of loneliness, but they won’t do anything about it. Most men won’t have the same kind of reaction: they will start dating almost immediately after the breakup! But when does a man miss a woman if he immediately looks for someone else? The thing is that they usually miss their partner a lot! But it does not prevent them from looking for someone new!

Autor: John Nevis

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