Stop Being Sexually Frustrated - Start Granny Dating Instead

Not every man dreams about young girls with nothing more to offer than youth. If you’ve ever been with a younger chick and then with a granny, you know the difference. If not, it’s time to see what you’ve been missing all this time. We’ll list the best granny dating sites in Australia to help you get the taste of the pleasure only experienced women offer. And don’t think that all ladies over 50 or 60 look like witches from fairy tales. Some are so hot your jaw will drop. But you know that too. You're looking for them for a while. You may already have a profile on some sites for granny dating. But why are you here then?


  • you aren’t getting enough dates with your current strategy
  • dating sites you’re using are proving to be a waste of time and money
  • you want to have a granny hookup without awkward situations
  • you know all horny older ladies are seeking men online nowadays

Those are all solid reasons, and we’ll help you get what you crave.

Best Granny Dating Sites in Australia

Your chances to meet a single Aussie granny are better than you think. Australia has a well-balanced gender ratio; 50,2% of women and 49,8% of men. Also, 16,21% of Aussies are over 65. That means that roughly 8% of Australians are women over 65. Add ladies from 50 to 65 on top of that, and you’ll realize over 3 million mature women live in Australia. Still, you can’t find any older women to hook up with.

It’s not that you’re ugly, poor, short, tiny, or anything else. That happens because you don’t use the right strategy for granny dating. You may think that sitting in a park feeding pigeons is a way to find someone for a granny hookup, but that’s far from the truth. Average granny isn’t looking for a young guy to rock his world under the sheets. That’s why you have to put yourself in the middle of communities full of horny single grandmas with a thing for men your age. Join any of the dating sites below, and you’ll do that. Your chances to experience casual granny dating will rise with every message you send. But you don’t have to trust our word; trust our data and statistics of the sites. We tested them for a while to find the best. Now, we’ll share that info with you.

SeniorsToDate - Easy to Get Granny Hookups

SeniorsToDate is a granny dating site created for singles over 50, and most members fit that category. However, we noticed some younger guys who join to get easy hookups because there’s not much competition. SeniorsToDate isn’t a hookup platform. They advertise as a site for soulmate seeking, but many members aren’t looking for serious relationships. You won’t have trouble noticing women looking for adventures because they say so in their descriptions. Also, their photos are way too hot for ladies who want to meet guys in the golden age. They know they’re attractive, so they want to feel the pleasure only young guys can give them. In exchange, they offer decades of sexual experience.

Finding matches on SeniorsToDate is easy, the same as creating a profile. Most of the action happens in the Like Gallery (the hot or not game), but manual filters are great, too. It’s possible to browse based on numerous criteria, which saves time when you have a specific type in mind. Chat includes all modern features such as video chat, sending photos, and videos.

OneNightFriend logo

OneNightFriend - Connect With Hotties Ready to Meet in Person

The biggest problem most users of granny dating sites face is leaping from chatting to meeting in person. Men usually want to meet asap, but some women on some platforms insist on spending time on chat. You won’t see many women like that on OneNightFriend. Older women on OneNightFriend are as horny as men, so you may even have to reject some hookups.

The site has almost 2,000,000 members worldwide, but most live in Australia and the USA. It’s not as active as other granny dating platforms from our list. But we never logged in and found an empty site. And there was always at least one Aussie granny online. Even though men over 60 make 20% of the community, most older ladies seek guys under 35, making 31% of the community. There are more men than women, but that's normal on granny dating platforms. logo

QuickFlirt - The Perfect Local Granny Might Be There

QuickFlirt is another dating site with more guys than girls (70% to 30%). Compared to the largest platforms in the niche, it’s small because it still hasn't reached 1,000,000 members. That can't take anything from QuickFlirt because it lives up to its name, so we’re sure they’ll get the millionth member soon. The community is very active because 32% of the community checks the site at least once a week. It’s not focused on granny dating, but many women over 50 use QuickFlirt to find matches.

You’ll love standard features such as the Like Gallery, sending videos in chat, and using search filters to find local women. But you’ll love some other features even more. If you don’t want unverified accounts to bother you, hide in the safe mode. It’s also possible to upload a video instead of a profile picture. That’s a way to stand out and start granny dating soon after the free registration.

FlirtyMature logo

FlirtyMature - Being Young Makes You Special There

FlirtyMature is a granny dating site with little less than 600,000 total members. Like on most platforms for mature people, there are more guys than girls. The majority of men are over 55; they make 30% of the whole community. Women older than 45 are 20% of the community, while men under 35 make only 10% of FlirtyMature members. That means younger guys have great chances to start granny dating sooner than they expect. It’s possible to browse members based on their age and location. Older women seeking younger guys never have issues finding them. The same works vice versa.

Although the site is supposed to be only for hookups, some users seek serious relationships. Luckily, most women on the site don’t have love on their minds. That got FlirtyMature a spot on the list of the best Australian granny dating platforms.

WantMatures logo

WantMatures - For Those Who Want To Fall in Love

WantMatures is the only site on this list on which most members want to start serious relationships. It’s one of the biggest granny dating sites if you look at the community site (over 1,500,000). Also, it has one of the best gender ratios in the niche, and there are 45% of women and 55% of men. It has members in the USA, UK, and Australia, suitable for local and international dating.

You’ll probably spend most of your time connecting with matches in the hot or not game and on chat. It takes longer to start real granny dating because WantMatures isn’t a hookup platform. Don’t let that discourage you. The lady you’re waiting for might be there, and she might be online at the moment.

Find Granny Hookup Using This Secret Trick

This advice on granny dating will help you get attention and hookups. If a lady over 50 or 60 seeks younger guys, she isn’t doing so just because of sex. Yes, that’s the main reason, but most men don't know their other motives. Older women prefer hookups with young guys because they feel young and desired in such relationships. So don’t act like you’re 70. They want you because of the age difference; use that.

Pros and Cons to Granny Dating You Should Be Aware of

Cons of granny dating:

  • casual granny meet platforms aren’t free
  • it can happen that you don’t have much in common than sex drives

Pros of granny dating:

  • older women know how to satisfy their partners
  • they’ll teach you more about the female body than younger chicks
  • it’s not that difficult to impress them as younger girls

Challenges of Granny Online Dating You’ll Face

Australian granny dating sites from this list are the best in the niche, but they aren’t brothels. Don’t expect to get lucky just because you’re there. You’ll surely meet matches and have a bunch of hookups, but there will be challenges. Some women will ghost you for no reason, and others will avoid meeting in person. Those are two main problems in online dating in general, not only on granny dating sites. Also, don’t expect to sleep with every woman you contact on chat. Sometimes you won’t hit it off no matter how hot she is. If those challenges don't scare you, you’re ready to start casual granny dating.

Many older women in Australia want to meet someone your age, and almost all of them are doing that on one or more dating sites from the list above.

Test the site now; you can meet a hot granny by tonight.