4 Types of Men in Online Dating

4 Types of Men in Online Dating

“No matter your intentions for joining this modern dating scene, you can identify the perfect person with mutual interest as yours as long as you’re aware of the signs.” – Thomas Edwards, Jr. (Dating Coach)

1. The Playboy

These are the boys who usually juggle from one dating app to another. Their profiles say they are only into casual relationships or hookups. Although many are also discreet about being the player, you can still easily spot one when they cancel dates at the last minute, probably because they are overbooked with girls.

Most players make their intentions obvious by inviting you over in their place for Netflix and chill or club with you on your first meetup. This means they’re after some alone sexy time indoors or just pure fun inside the club without the chance to decently get to know each other on an appropriate first date.

This type of guy just wants to get you drunk, hoping you’ll give in easily due to alcohol.

2. The One that Ghosts Away

Whether you’ll have one or seven dates with this guy, he will be very sweet to you at first because his goal is to impress you. This type of person will make you believe that you connect in some way, and he might enjoy the chase at first.

However, he will be gone in a snap without any word once you give in. They hate confrontation, and they would prefer to get cold and detach themselves from you without a proper farewell.

They might already be in a long-term relationship or worse—married. To avoid ghosts, don’t invest feelings in men who have not proven their worth to be in your life.

3. The One Who Fails to Keep

This guy loves companionship and genuine connection with you, but he is not sure about what he wants for the future. He will give you the love and affection you want at the moment, but it will just feel temporary because he never makes long-term plans with you.

Some people you meet online are only there for short-term relationships. This is mostly because they don’t plan to settle in your place, or they have goals and dreams in life to chase. They can’t commit to you because marriage is not their priority in the present, and they don’t want to give you false hopes.

If you are not into this type of setup, don’t give a man the girlfriend benefits if he does not work hard to be your official boyfriend.

4. The Right One

This type of guy will take your insecurities in relationships away. He will pour effort to earn your trust and love and will court you the right way. He does not get angry whenever you don’t put up with his mess.

Instead, he apologizes and changes his ways because he will never want to disappoint you again. More importantly, the right one will talk about his future with you and will take action about it.

Types of Single Men Online that Will Snatch Your Heart

Types of Single Men Online

Here are the other types of men and their personalities that you’ll come across online. There are good ones and also those you wish you’ll never encounter.

The Lonely One. He feels blue all the time, doesn’t have his family and friends around, and wants a commitment with you right away. He can complement your life well as long as you do a proper background check on him.

The Scammer. This guy uses fake photos, is very good with words, and will never show his face in a video call. However, once he gains your trust, he will ask you for money or credit card information.

The Guy Who Wants Mature Women. He posts this preference in his profile, so you will know. He’s also on dating sites for cougars because he just loves the mature curves and personalities of these women.

The Old Gentleman. He will give you the world because he can afford it through his pocket and experiences in life. You will have tons of quality moments together because he has a lot of time.

Before you give your trust to strangers you meet online, take it slow, and know them more first. For more reviews on the most popular dating sites in the world, visit our home page.

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