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Trying many websites in your search for the best dating platform will take you a lot of time and cost you money. That’s why a review like this should quickly help you make up your mind before signing up. In this article, we compare QuickFlirt and EliteSingles, some of the most popular dating sites on the Internet.

Maybe you have used EliteSingles before and want to try out QuickFlirt, and the question you’re asking is whether QuickFlirt is a good alternative to EliteSingles. This article seeks to answer that question.

QuickFlirt vs EliteSingles Comparison

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Both QuickFlirt and EliteSingles are good dating sites on their own. The main difference is the target audience. EliteSingles seeks to connect educated and financially successful singles. QuickFlirt is open to anyone, as you would know by now if you’ve gone through any QuickFlirt review online.

Because of their emphasis on educated and financially stable singles, EliteSingles tends to attract older singles compared to QuickFlirt. Any EliteSingles review will also inform you that most members on the platform seek serious relationships, compared to QuickFlirt, which is mostly used for hookups, especially by the male members. Both QuickFlirt and EliteSingles welcome people of all colors or races, making them some of the best interracial dating sites.

QuickFlirt vs EliteSingles Overview

QuickFlirt is the site for meeting beautiful singles ready to flirt with other singles online. Depending on the vibe, a serious relationship can come out of it, but most members use the platform to find casual hookup partners. The website boasts of over 1.4 million members across the world, with top visitors coming from Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

EliteSingles seeks to connect you with more ‘refined’ members of society. They do this through the emphasis on the educational and financial status of the members when signing up. It is not the website for meeting random ratchets for hookups. 80 percent of members on this website have a university degree.


QuickFlirt comprises people of all levels of education and wealth. Most members are between 25 and 34 years, and 70 percent of the members are male. Although most females on the site seek long-term relationships, a majority of the men want hookups.

EliteSingles seeks to connect singles who match up financially and intellectually. The website has millions of members worldwide, with 1.5 million of the members coming from Australia. It means there is a large pool of educated singles to choose from. A majority of the members are men who are 30 years and above. 90 percent of members are aged 30 years and above.

Ease of Use

Both websites are easy to use. QuickFlirt has an intuitive and simple layout, with browsing-related functions placed in the upper left corner. EliteSingles has a modern layout designed to attract the ‘elite’ in society. The layout makes everything easy for any member, regardless of their level of computer literacy. The menu bars are clearly labeled with few dropdowns.


The two websites have special features that set them apart from regular dating websites and apps. Both websites have options for extended search. Besides, chat and messaging options are also similar. QuickFlirt allows members to upload videos in addition to photos. This dating site also gives you a satisfaction guarantee, as well as access to the Like Gallery, FlirtCasts, Safe Mode, and the Promote My Account feature for making your profile popular. Special features available at EliteSingles include Wildcard Matches, Personality Analysis, Elite Singles Magazine, and Favorite List.

Security and Support

QuickFlirt is a secure website with a supportive team that will address any issues that you have. It also has the Safe Mode feature that enhances your security and privacy on the platform. EliteSingles is an equally safe and secure platform with a support team that works around the clock to ensure you have a good experience.

QuickFlirt Prices

0.99 USD for one day.
7.00 USD for one week.
28.80 USD for one month.
28.80 USD for one month.

EliteSingles Prices:

Light – 104.85 USD for three months or 34.95 USD per month.
Classic – 119.70 USD for 6 months or 19.95 USD per month.
Comfort – 215.40 USD for 12 months or 17.95 USD per month.

Who Should Use Them?

QuickFlirt can be used by anyone who is seeking friends or other singles online they can flirt with. You can use this platform regardless of your financial or educational status. EliteSingles, however, are particular on the type of membership they attract. You have to attain a certain level of education as well as exceed specific levels of income.

Expert Conclusion QuickFlirt vs EliteSingles

These two websites offer different online dating experiences, based on the type of people you want to connect with. QuickFlirt is more open to fun-loving people who want to flirt as they connect for all types of relationships, including casual encounters and serious long-term relationships. EliteSingles is more specific on the type of people it seeks to connect with, who are mostly looking for long-term partners.

The Winner: QuickFlirt vs EliteSingles

Based on the two websites’ overall features and membership structure, QuickFlirt wins because of its inclusivity. Whether rich or not, highly educated or not, anyone can use QuickFlirt to meet other singles.