Australians Prefer These Popular Mature Dating Apps

Scoring hookups with Aussie mature ladies isn’t as difficult as it used to be. Naturally, everything happens online nowadays. That’s what made the whole process simpler. It took a bit of mystery away, but most people don’t care. It’s better to get rid of mystery and get tons of dates than to stick to the old ways and be alone. First of all, there is no question about relationships status on any mature dating app. If you see a lady there, she’s looking for dates. What kinds of dates she seeks depends on the app where you meet.

Today we’ll review the best five apps for mature dating in Australia. Some are better for finding love, while others connect singles who don’t want to see each other after one night of fun. Pick those you like and start fixing your dating life. It’s simpler than you think; you’ll see soon enough. But first, read a mini-review of each mature dating app. Making the right choice will either lead you to triumph or a disaster. All online platforms here are safe and serve their purpose. Your choice should be based on your desires. Do it right, and you’ll have great chances to meet your soulmate. Or to sleep with more mature women than ever. It’s up to you.

Learn About the Best Mature Dating Apps Australia Has

Before reviewing every Aussie mature dating app individually, we’ll list some things they have in common:

  • they’re all safe to use and follow the latest safety standards
  • they aren’t only for the Australian market, so it’s possible to meet foreigners
  • members there don’t want to stay online forever (the average chatting period before meeting varies depending on the app type)
  • there are no fake profiles
  • modern communication features make looking for matches simpler and safer (more about that below)

SeniorsToDate - The Sanctuary For People Over 50

SeniorsToDate is a mature dating app that’s more than a platform for connecting mature people. Of course, everyone who joins is there to start dating, but the energy in the community makes that app special. Everybody is polite, and there is less ghosting than on sites for younger people. However, that’s not enough to get a spot in this mature dating app review.

SeniorsToDate is here because it’s popular among Aussie singles over 50 who seek serious dating. And it’s popular because it works. Manual filters include location, age, body type, ethnicity, etc., and they make pinpointing perfect matches much simpler. Still, most users of this mature dating app meet their partners through the matching game Like Gallery. It will enable you to send messages without fear of rejection because it shows which women like you. That saves time, but more importantly, it protects you from emotional pain. It’s impossible to find how many members are on SeniorsToDate, but the gender ratio is well-balanced. All of that makes this mature dating app a safe place for people looking to start meaningful relationships.

SilverSingles logo

SilverSingles - They Do Most Of The Work For You

SilverSingles is one of the best dating platforms in Australia because it takes its mission seriously. They promise to connect people over 50 with their local matches and work hard on that. It’s not like some old agency where they’d arrange dates for you, but it’s as close as it gets to that. This mature dating app has an unusually long registration process, but don’t let that kill your mood. Their way of work saves time in the end. Before we reveal how SilverSingles works, we need to mention that most people join to find love. So if you’re looking for a quick hookup with a mature woman, you may want to try some other mature dating app.

The registration process includes a deep personality test that helps with matchmaking. Be honest in your answers because lying will bring more pain than joy. SilverSingles team and algorithms use results of personality tests to pair potential matches. But don’t worry, you won’t get a list of a thousand local women, which would freeze you the same as car lights freeze deers. You wouldn’t know what to do or where to start. So you’ll get 3 to 7 match suggestions every day. That gives enough time to flirt with each of them and continue chatting only with the best. logo

FlirtyMature - Yes, You’re Very Likely To Get a Hookup There

FlirtyMature isn’t a mature dating app because there’s no app on GooglePlay or AppStore. However, it’s so popular among older Australians that it had to be here. Also, the mobile version of the site works better than some lesser apps. The app has around 600,000 members spread across the USA, Australia, and the UK. Roughly 50% of them live in Australia, making FlirtyMature suitable for local and international dating. Since it’s a hookup app, you’ll probably stick to meeting local ladies. That won’t be an issue because 20% of the community are women over 45. Men over 55 make up 30% of the community, so there is healthy competition among older gentlemen. There are also some younger guys and girls who want to hook up with mature singles.

Communication features include video chat, sending pictures, and videos. It’s divided into chat and private messages, and both are locked for free members to protect serious members from petty people. That's a standard safety measure on every mature dating app.

eHarmony logo

eHarmony - An App With 30,000,000 Souls Seeking Love

eHarmony isn’t a mature dating app, but it has almost 30,000,000 members. That means there are many older women on the site. Not all of them live in Australia. But after the USA and UK, that’s the country with the most users. Singles between 25 and 45 make up 69% of the community, but there are still millions of older people seeking love on eHarmony. And their gender ratio is one of the best (53% of men and 47% of women).

Size matters, but that’s not the only reason why eHarmony got a spot in this mature dating app review. Their approach to matchmaking is even better than their humongous community. Personality tests and matching based on shared info are some of the features that make eHarmony so good. It’s unique because you can’t access profiles that aren’t your matches. Another clever safety solution.

SeniorFriendFinder logo

SeniorFriendFinder - Don’t Let the Design Deceive You

SeniorFriendFinder looks like it’s older than the Internet, but don’t let that fool you. That’s a great mature dating app popular among Australians over 50. They pay a lot of attention to safety by making members fill their profiles. Those who don’t do so can’t access chat. That trick ensures that profiles are very detailed, which helps to find better partners. The algorithm also provides a set number of matches to members every day. The amount of recommendations depends on your subscription, and even free members get 10 suggestions every day.

Some people use SeniorFriendFinder to find friends in chat rooms, but most want to find love. Or at least someone to start a relationship with. It’s possible to join with a Facebook account. The support team is available at any time for all members, so this mature dating app deserves a spot among the best platforms in Australia.

Find Mature Dating Partners Using This Strategy

You know the best platforms for mature dating in Australia, but you need to keep something in mind. It doesn’t matter if you join one or all services from this review; following this strategy will bring you success. It’s easier than most people think. Use all the space on your profile, take advantage of modern matching features, and dare make the first move. Do that, and you’ll meet older women on every mature dating app without wasting weeks browsing and overthinking.

How to Choose the Best Mature Dating Apps?

This mature dating app review showed the best platforms for meeting older women in Australia. Which one you’ll choose; depends on your needs. Also, no one said you have to pick only one. If you’re looking for love, join more sites for serious dating. That will boost your odds of meeting your special lady. Do the same if you’re seeking a hookup. The more services you join, the better chances you have. Just don’t register to untrusted platforms where your privacy might be in danger. Stick to those we listed above, and you won’t have any trouble.

Pros and Cons of Dating a Mature

Dating a mature woman isn’t all bunnies and rainbows, but there are more pros than cons. We’ll list some.


  • mature women know what they want and don’t settle for less (not necessarily a con)
  • if you’re much younger than your partner, you may have different opinions about most things (that can be exhausting)


  • older ladies know how to take care of their men (not only in the bedroom)
  • they are well-settled and don’t need anyone to support them

Now, when you know every legit mature dating app in Australia, use that power to change your life. Start seeking a hookup or love today, and you may hit the goal sooner than you expect. Your friends might even think you’re fooling them, but that’s their problem. You’ll enjoy passionate flirting and dates while they wonder if you’re lying.

Start moving towards happiness, test the mature dating app.