EliteSingles Review for Australians to Enjoy Senior Dating


Meeting seniors in Australia is likely to get a lot easier for those who join online dating platforms, but finding the best is the real catch. EliteSingles is a popular choice, but check out our EliteSingles review for Australians to decide if it lives up to people’s expectations.


EliteSingles is an excellent choice for senior dating in Australia because it has more than 1,500,000 members from this continent alone. The number is growing because of the professional look and feel of the website. More than 82% of these members are university graduates, which means you’ll mainly be here for serious dating. You can still find fun-loving younger folks looking to have hookups with mature women, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to be in touch with them or not. Search filters are extensive and quite robust, making it possible to find highly compatible, genuine matches. Security features are good too, which profiles being verified by the administrators. Overall, a great place to start dating over 40 because most of the members are over 30+, but you can unlock functionality by becoming a paid member, which may be a bit expensive compared to other similar sites.

Member Structure

It’s likely to work for you because you can find more than 1,500,00 members from Australia. Also, both male and female members are available in an equal proportion, which means you can find partners whether you’re a mature woman or a senior man looking for dating. Most of the members are well-educated and over 30, so it’s again a good thing for senior singles looking for serious dating.

Signing Up


Nothing’s complicated about signing up on this dating platform, as all you have to do is enter your basic contact details, such as your age, gender, location, etc. It’s important to upload a photo to complete your profile and ensure that you don’t upload fake photos or photos that contain nudity. Something that makes things easier for users is that you can skip the detailed registration process, but it often backfires as well, as you may come across profiles with insufficient info. Nevertheless, getting yourself registered on BeNaughty.com won’t cause any trouble whatsoever.

Making Contact

Once registered, you can utilize many search features on the website, which allows you to find potential dating partners as per your age specifications. To make contact, you can try different options. You can ask five questions to get acquainted and send likes to people. Though you can receive messages, you won’t be able to check it unless you’re subscribed to one of the many packages they have. You can send a wink with your free account, though, and it may help you get started.

Making Contact

Profile Quality

You can create a good profile using the personality survey, but there are certain limitations when it comes to checking others’ profiles. For instance, you can’t view images unless you’re a premium member. However, you can check profiles, which are quite detailed – still, some info is available exclusively to VIP members. You can check those details without photos. It’s possible to change your profile info even after you’ve registered.


You can download EliteSingles mobile app without paying anything, and it works exceptionally well to keep you connected on the go. It looks great in terms of usability, as it’s easy to navigate. The features are all the same as on the desktop version of the website. Using the app is a much better way to send messages and review matches if you’re a paid member. The app doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone, which is another great thing.


The moment you land on the site, you notice that there’s a sense of professionalism in its design and everything. The website looks clean and crisp yet easy to navigate. You won’t have to keep jumping from one page to another to check profiles and read details. The sleek design gives the homepage a modernized look, which is attractive to younger lots, but seniors are going to love it no-nonsense approach when it comes to using search filters and other features. Seniors with limited computer literacy will still be able to find their way around with few drop-down menus and bars.


Quite like other top dating sites, EliteSingles takes the necessary steps to protect members’ data. They utilize the latest encryption techniques to protect data, but they don’t do a lot in order to verify accounts. Therefore, you’ll be responsible for making sure if you’re dealing with a fake member or not.

Costs and Prices

Premium Light 3-Month Plan: 59.95 AUD/month
Premium Basic 6-Month Plan: 34.95 AUD/month
Premium Comfort 12-Month Plan: 32.95 AUD/month

You can pick a plan, and it’s easy to pay using a credit card or debit card. Thankfully, EliteSingles also accepts PayPal so that you can get started almost immediately.

There are various plans available for those looking to go premium, and you can always start with a Premium Light for three months. This will be enough to tell you if the site really works for you or not. Here’s what you have to pay:

Premium Extras

Premium members are entitled to enjoy premium extras, and it’s because of these features that you can have a better chance of meeting your soul mate. Personality Analysis is a useful feature, as it explains more about your main personality traits. You can learn about the results and decide how much more open you need to be to find a partner. Match Recommendation is another extra feature to help you keep in the game. Advanced Search features are available to premium members only and help you change age limits to ensure you meet real seniors. Have You Met is another feature giving you another chance to check a profile you may have missed early. Above all, you’ll be able to check EliteSingles Magazine to hone your dating skills.


A perfect site for seniors looking for serious relations

More than 92% of members are over 30 years of age

A highly useful personality survey for better matches

More than 82% with a university degree

Profile verification handled by customer support


Most features available for paid members

Messaging not free for all

Slightly expensive

Real Life Reviews


“I found EliteSingles after trying other dating sites without any results. I started with a skeptical mind, but it surprised me with great matches within the first week. Great to use and highly recommended!”


“EliteSingles is a great app for seniors searching for love, but understand that those features are only available to paid members. It’s well worth the investment though.”


BeNaughty.com is one of those sites where you won’t face trouble canceling your membership. You can cancel it whenever you want by accessing your account settings on your profile page. Know that you’ll lose your messages and other data if you choose to delete your account.

How Do You Avoid Fake Bots and Profiles?

Though the site takes steps to discourage scammers, you’ll be responsible for avoiding fake profiles. Check for the obvious red flags, like no images or incomplete details, and ask for video chats to ensure you’re chatting with a real person.

How Do You Pick Up Singles on EliteSingles?

Creating your profile is the first step, but buying a paid membership is just as important, or else you won’t be able to send messages to people you pick through search. Meet them in the chat room or start a video chat to be able to find real singles looking for senior dating.

The Most Important Tips for Profile Making

You don’t need to do much when it comes to making a profile on EliteSingles other than answering the personality survey. However, you may want to explain a bit about your personality and your romantic side to come across a desirable partner.


Is EliteSingles Safe to Use?

Yes, it’s very much safe in terms of your data security, but you’ll be responsible for making sure you don’t interact with scammers.

How Old Should You Be to Join EliteSingles?

You can be a member if you’re over 21 years of age.

Which Photos Won't Get Approved?

Photos of minors and celebrities are not allowed. You can share nude or pornographic images, either. No images of cartoon characters are entertained either.

What Is the Use of the Personality Test?

The personality test is useful because it tests your communication skills, attitude towards life, and other personality traits necessary for a better dating experience. Be honest when answering those questions, and that survey report might surprise you.

Why Can't You See Profile Updates?

The site administrator will check photos and written entries before approving, which usually takes up to 24 hours. Get in touch with the support staff if you notice no profile updates after that time.

How Can You Save Favorite Profiles on EliteSingles?

You can do it easily by visiting your potential partner’s profile page and then select the option “Add to Favorites”. Those profiles you pick will have a star sign against them.

How Can You Find Your User ID?

For this, you’ll have to gain access to a secure code first, which is available in your account area. Go there and check “Personal Details” to find your ID.